Jackie Katana – CEO

I am one of millions of children from Africa who has the chance to grow up in Switzerland which is a privilege and a blessing for me.
My heart is longing to return some of the blessings and support for those who did not have the same opportunities as me. Who you join me in encouraging and giving hope to be hopeless and be a helping hand to reach those who are unreachable? To be a light that shines bright and brings back a smile to a child’s face? I take it as my responsibility to others for sharing the love of gratitude, and this is integral to the Tidy and Clean Business mission.
Even though we are considered as a small company, we believe in empowering the community and feel blessed to be able to support important social projects in developing countries around the world which include education, entrepreneurship, single-parent, widows and orphans.
If you want to make a difference in this world please feel free to join in and support us with our mission.
For more information please check the link below or contact me directly.
Thank you
Jackie Katana

Uganda Youth Ministries