Kurzum: Es kommt nicht von ungefähr, dass man eine gute Putzfrau eine “Perle” nennt.
Aber: Perlen sind rar und begehrt, und wer eine sein eigen nennt, gibt sie nicht gerne aus der Hand.
Suchen Sie absolut zuverlässiges Putzpersonal, das mit dem nötigen Feingefühl und Respekt vor Ihrer Privatsphäre arbeitet, flink und gründlich? Das sich auf Wunsch auch um Ihre Zimmerpflanze kümmert, Ihren Briefkasten leert oder Ihre Wäsche aus der Reinigung holt?
Tidy and Clean ist ein junges Putzinstitut in Basel – sympathisch, kompetent, zuverlässig.


I am writing in reference to the company tidy-n-clean. I have only just recently began taking advantage of its services, but I can already say that I am highly satisfied. They offer reliable, friendly service and are also flexible, which is extremely helpful with a busy schedule. The factor of trust is also a big one. A point which is very important to me is the fact that I have the possibility to express my wishes in my mother-tongue, English. Although I can speak German, there is certain vocabulary which just functions better in English. Based on my experience, I can highly recommend tidy-n-clean because they offer personalised service to suit individual needs.
Nza Weilenmann
CEO English Center Basel


I hired Jackie Katana’s Tidy and Clean team to perform the final, deep clean of my apartment before handing it back to the landlord.
My first impression of the company and of Jackie was very good, due particularly to her professionalism and detailed approach in planning the work (including an initial viewing of the apartment to accurately estimate the workload). The service provided was of an extremely high standard and finished quicker than expected. My landlord was so impressed that he asked for Jackie’s details for future reference.I wouldn’t hesitate to use Tidy and Clean again for any of their services offered.

Katie Ranger